Monday, 7 July 2014

Wedding Dresses & being fat

I tried on my first wedding dresses with my mum last Friday. 
It was wonderful - I was surprised at how flattering some of the dresses looked. My youngest sister was with us, happily taking photos so that we could discuss the various options afterwards.

Looking at photos I had the shock of my life - I look HUGE!

How is it possible that I went from feeling like a princess whilst in the dress, but actually looking like a walrus wrapped in a too small table cloth on the photos?

I want a word for this delirious occurrence. Is there one?
I know people suffering from anorexia often think they are much larger than they are, I seem to have the exact opposite!

Mirrors seem to lie to me, however photos seem to hold the cruel truth.

I will ask my therapist about this, I am a little worried she will just say I'm kidding myself and not looking in the mirror carefully enough.

I still haven't done the homework my therapist gave me last week...I'll tell you more about that in my next post.

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