Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Wednesday Weigh-in!

I've decided that every Wednesday I will 'weigh-in'. So here it goes:

Current Weight:
73.1 kg (or 161 pounds or 11.5 stone)

Current Body fat percentage:

Current Stomach Circumference:

Weight miles stones: Less than 70kg, less than 65kg (has not occured since my best friends weeding in May 2012), 60kg (what I weighed when I was worried I had gained too much in Summer 2010), 57kg (according to Dukan Diet my 'ideal weight', which is what I was aiming for all those years ago!)

Ultimate Goal Weight:
55 kg (or 121 pounds or 8.6 stone)

Ultimate Goal Body fat percentage:

Goal Stomach Circumference:
Not sure...I know less than 80cm is recommended for women - so just slimming down to healthy will be good!

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